Khaas Food Mustard Oil (সরিষার তেল)




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Khaas Food Mustard Oil (সরিষার তেল)

Brand : Khaas Food

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Mustard oil is making from pressing the seeds of a mustard plant to produce a spicy and yellow cultured oil. It is popular in Eastern cooking, although some European countries have begun experimenting with the oil. In Bangladesh, mustard oil is historically very common to people of every class and has become an essential oil for most. By times, the quality and good factors have been compromised in terms of making a higher profit by different fraudulent businessmen.

Some Benefits Of Mustard Oil:

  • Mustard oil naturally brightens the skin by removing the tan and black spots. Since mustard oil is very thick and contains high levels of vitamin E, it can protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and other contaminants. So can also prevent skin cancer.

  • It is possible to get rid of dry lips by applying a few drops of mustard oil. Which is safer than the left of the wrapped lip. It helps in hair growth, prevents premature graying of hair and reduces hair loss. This oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially high in beta carotene.
  • It contains a substance calls glucosinolate which is known as anticarcinogenic ingredient. So mustard oil helps prevent the formation of cancerous tumors. Can fight against bacterial infections. It contains antifungal ingredient called allyl isothiocyanate, which work to cure fungal infections.

  • The presence of copper, iron, magnesium and selenium in mustard helps in controlling blood pressure. Mustard is a good source of carotene and lutein. Also acts as an excellent antioxidant due to the presence of Vitamin A, C, K. Which prolongs aging.

  • Good health largely depends on hunger. It also helps increase the appetite by stimulating the digestive juices of the stomach. It is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and helps maintain cholesterol balance. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Why Eat ?

  1. Adulteration free
  2. Maximum Level of purity is ensured
  3. Using ghani to extract oil to bring original taste and smell

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