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High quality olive oil from Picual and Hojiblanca olives Special extraction method without heat Slightly fruity with a hint of spiciness 100% organic and natural A subtle hint of spiciness completes the sunny, Spanish flavour palette Alianza extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed with care for every detail of the process Oil’s flavour is of medium-ripe intensity with notes of green grass, olive leaf, apple and banana and a moderately bitter and slightly spicy finish It’s well regarded, and it still has a light color and flavor to make it a simple substitute All the grades of olive oil, including olive pomace oil, are usually non-GMO. As more and more consumers look for assurance that their food is non-GMO (or Non-GMO Project Verified), this naturally GMO free ingredient is an ideal choice. Olive pomace oil is a naturally gluten free ingredient. This may seem obvious to some, but since many manufacturers now have to confirm the gluten free statement of their ingredients, it’s always helpful to reiterate.

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